Is there a conflict between Membership plugin and Suffusion theme?

Has anyone experienced any problems running the Membership plugin with the Suffusion theme?

I believe I installed everything correctly but the plugin does not seem to offer any protection at all.

Any advice would be appreciated. I know... it's probably me but I thought I would ask anyway.

Thanks a lot

  • Andrew

    I seem to be getting a bit on top of this but I have some related problems.

    I have two followup questions:

    (a) I need to be able to control custom posts created by a plugin. I can tag the posts but Membership only uses categories - and I cannot add categories to the custom posts (at least not without some hacking - not a good idea). It has been suggested I use URL groups and regex but I have not been very successful in this so far. I have managed to get access to the posts but blocked regular pages. Any suggestions? Are there detailed tutorials about URLs? I have the PDF manual but it does not seem to be enough.

    (b) Also, am I right in saying that if you include one or more items in a positive rule, you automatically exclude those that you do not? e.g. You have 5 pages. You include pages 1 and 2. Pages 3,4 and 5 are automatically excluded. Am I right?

    And finally (a third question I guess) are there guidelines available on the mechanics of tightening the "visitor" access level?

    Thanks for any help

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Andrew

    I hope you are well today and thanks for the additional information.

    a) Indeed the best way would be with a URL groups and regex, could you tell me what the custom post types and if you want to block or show them, then I might be able to come up with some regex for that :slight_smile:

    I quite like this regex site here :slight_smile:

    b) That is indeed correct, if access is allowed to certain pages, but not others, those pages are blocked using positive rules.

    There aren't any guidelines, but I'm here to assist, if you'd like to let me know what you want to achieve and protect, I'm here to help :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Andrew

    Thank you very much Jack. You guys are really great!

    Thank you re the custom posts. I may come back to you over the construction of regular expressions. However, I have been struggling with the fact that on my hosted service the permissions as discussed in (b) above did not work and I am now experimenting on my laptop with a very basic installation of WP (but have encountered another problem - for which I issued a different ticket picked up by one of your colleagues). It is all a bit difficult and taking a long time but I think that this system is probably the best for my needs (to control CPTs created by another plugin that I cannot avoid using).

    Thanks again

  • Andrew

    Hi again Jack,

    I think I have solved the last problem mentioned (an oversight on my part in creating the new website - I think...) so now I can concentrate a bit on the URL group issue.

    Here is what I think I discovered. The settings in the URL groups actually override the settings in other parts of the system. e.g. if I authorize a page using the Pages Menu AND also use a URL group, the authorized page will be protected and not available as I had hoped. This also applies to ANY URL (including posts etc.) not authorised in the URL group.

    This means that every time a URL group is used, it will be necessary to specify all authorised URLs in some way in the URL group section


    For any access level where you use URL Groups, there is no point in using the Pages, Comments etc... menus provided by Membership - just do everything through the URL group.

    You are better off creating several URL groups which provide various permissions and using the appropriate ones when setting the access levels. I

    Are my understandings correct?

    Thanks for any advice.


  • Andrew

    Hi Jack

    Although things worked for a while they have now broken again for no apparent reason. I will reinstall and not install any caching software. I need a minimum of the Membership plugin and one more plugin that creates CPTs (a learning management system). I will see what happens and report back. Not sure if it is a WP problem, a plugin problem or a browser problem.

    Thanks - just keeping you up to date - please let me know the answers to my questions above.


  • Andrew

    FYI - for things to work, permalinks have to be either "Month + Name" or "Postname" at least on my setup. Also for some reason the default front page (if it is a static page) cannot be positively selected otherwise all the unselected pages are actually unprotected. This does not happen to the default post page one WP. It can be fixed by blocking the static front page, creating a fake front page and doing some redirects (perhaps with .htaccess - or maybe a plugin). I have already reported most of this to one of your colleagues who was kind enough to pick up another of my requests. I feel a bit uncomfortable sending feedback in both directions as it is not a good idea to have two threads running (not my intention) but in the end you are both dealing with the same issue and it may be relevant. So I apologize if I have broken some kind of protocol.

    Finally, it is clear that CPTs are unprotected and need to be explicitly protected through the use of URL groups. This is especially important for me as the use of URL groups seems to override the other (drag and drop) components.

    Thanks again for your help.


  • Andrew

    Hello again Jack,

    This is a folowup to your kind invitation to help with regex issues. Thank you. My site relies *entirely* on Custom Posts. Although these CPTs have tags, they do not have standard WP categories - and Membership does not have a Tags option (a pity in both directions). Therefore, as far as I can tell, this means that I have to rely (almost) entirely on URL groups to control access to these posts.

    I now seem to have single access levels under control and since I discovered that I *must* not leave a blank line at the end of the URL specifications (a large part of the nightmare), the positive rules seem to work well. So... that's good!

    There is another problem that I do not quite know how to fix but which, I am sure, will have been encountered before. I want to provide a separate subscription for each access level. People should be able to register for any package and for that package to expire at a time specific for that package. e.g. they may begin with package 1 and then a few weeks later add packet 2 to it. The problem is that the URL specifications for the separate access levels negate each other (at least those I have tried). Whereas each access level works fine when accessed singly, when a member is attributed BOTH levels, then there is no access to any level. Not surprisingly, if both URL groups are included in the same access level there is no conflict and all works well. I hope that there is some way of resolving this issue with some kind of conditional structure but I have no idea what that might be. Any insights? (I have only tried this with regex running. I have not tried it with fixed URLs - but the regex is really important as otherwise each possible URL would have to be explicitly identified.

    Thank you for very much.


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Andrew

    I hope you are well today, i apologize about my extreme delay with my response.

    Thank you for all the additional information it is much appreciated, with the cancellation problem, that is a problem with the current production version that if there are rules that are the same in each membership and the member has both of them memberships active, it will cancel out the rules and give no access.

    This should be resolved with the latest beta which can be found here

    With the issue with the URL's, do you have the URL's protected, and working, just you say about the missing line and that they are know protected, I'm still happy to assist with that if you need help :slight_smile:

    Again sorry for the extreme delay with my reply.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards

  • Andrew

    Hi Jack,

    no problem with the delay. I also suddenly realised that if I wrote back a lot it would delay the response (I did not realise this before - I just wanted to conveuy some information).

    Anyway... the beta version plugin seems to be working as expected. That's *very* good.

    I would appreciate your comments on the following:

    It seems to me that Custom Post Types are *not* protected in the same way as pages and normal posts and require special protection.

    Specifically with the GUEST access level, I have defined POSITIVE rules for the menu and for pages. However, that does not protect the Custom Posts if you happen to know or guess the URL. The way to protect these posts seems to be to create a regex-based rule using URL Groups.

    Am I right? Or if not, how do I fix it? I would obviously prefer administrators not to have to do too much with ULR groups and regex (I want to keep things simple).

    Thanks for any advice


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