Is there a conflict if I use q&a and support system?

I'm seeing that the forum/support system here at wpmu Dev is built on bbpress, but it has some of the look of q&a and some of the functionality of support system. like many members here, I want a slick forum/support system and the one you have built for yourselves is really cool. I know I can't get it without coding and time, so I want to get close. I'm wondering about using a combination of your q&a and support system plugins to create a way. But I'm not sure if they would work well together. I have q&a running. It's very basic and nothing like what I'm using here. But I like it basic. I just wish I could add some of the fluidity you have here.

Do you have any advice for creating this kind of interaction with your plugins on my site? I don't like the traditional forum look and feel. Very small fonts and it's just cheesy in my opinion. You've done a great job with yours. I just want something similar.