Is there a filter code I can insert to make the EasyBlog dashboard widget only visible to admins?

Seems like the functions are already built into the plugin, as you can add buttons to the EasyBlog side bar and designate to whom those buttons are visible. The EasyBlog dashboard widget doesn't provide this option to the superadmin, however, so the widget, if used, if viewable to everyone. For starters, I'd like it to only be viewable to the admin. Where would I insert that code?

I've been using the EasyBlog dashboard widget, as is, to provide instructions and extra links to users, to make their experience easier -- I'd like to do this with admins as well, but don't want anyone else seeing the instructions and links.

As a feature "addon" request, I'd suggest that there be two widgets, each with a setting indicating who will see them. Superadmins could then set one to be visible to everyone (except admin), and one visible only to the admin. But as for now, I'm just looking for where to insert a filter code, to make the "viewable-only-to-admin" hack work.

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