Is there a list of standard shortcodes?

I want to know what shortcodes are available from WP "out of the box".


  • Jonathan Elijah
    • Flash Drive

    From my brief research and browsing of the codex, out-of-the-box wordpress doesn't have any shortcodes, but on the other hand it provides the functions to add your own. Check out add_shortcode over at the codex and also do a search to find out more.

    Shortcodes are added into widgets and plugins themselves, but not a part of the core itself, only the function to add them is included. Also look at wp-includes/shortcodes.php to find out more about its use in the core. Hope this helps, I didn't even know what a shortcode was until this answer, so if I am wrong, my apologies ahead of time.

  • David
    • The Crimson Coder

    Jonathan, that's probably the best explanation I've seen and thanks for doing the research. I was wondering about shortcodes, and in particular what could use them and what could conflict with them. Your explanation makes it all quite clear, thanks.

    Kind of a shame that they're all add-ons. Seems if you want a shortcode for this or that, you have to enable a whole pile of plugins. But it's a cool feature to have available.

    Thanks again.

  • Jonathan Elijah
    • Flash Drive

    Actually, you could simply add the function in the plugins you want to have shortcodes; even add arguments to the functions and call these shortcodes with the various arguments. Again, before this answer I had no idea about shortcodes, so I will leave the details to someone more experienced; I've been using wordpress for over 4 years, but has only been recently that I started to get serious about the inward workings of it. Read my above link and do some searching on the codex, and you can learn how to add the desired shortcodes into each plugin you want to use in this manner. Of course upgrading the plugin will remove these, so have backups / instructions for those shortcodes on your own computer.

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