Is there a membership plugin that doesn't require a new signup process?

Like many others here, I'm trying to create a new site-builder, but I'm having trouble with one particular aspect.


I'm using Gravity Forms (with the user registration add-on) alongside an install of WPMU -- everything seems to be working well, as people can select a plan, register and create a site using the form I've created.

I would like to offer at least two plans -- one free, one premium. I plan on using User Role Editor and Menu Editor to customize the access and presentation of the backend of WordPress to accommodate each respective plan.


Is there a membership / site management plugin out there that enables easy control over access based on payment ... one that I can install without having to change the sign up process?

I have access to Membership, ProSites, WishList Member, and I'm willing to purchase anything that might help me achieve this without changing the signup process.

Ideas? Questions?


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there,

    Thanks for your question.

    So you'd want to continue having them signup and paying through Gravity, but then have the relevant plugin handle the access?

    I know there is no integration with our plugins like that, at least not without some custom coding going on there.

    You could continue using Gravity for the signup process (creating an account) but with Membership they'd then need to create a subscription. You could do this through shortcodes or the default registration page.

    [subscriptiontitle subscription="2"]
    [subscriptiondetails subscription="2"]
    [subscriptionprice subscription="2"]
    [subscriptionbutton subscription="2"]

    Replace the number with the ID of the subscription, and then these can be placed on any page you wish with our Membership plugin.

    It wouldn't sync up past subscriptions done via Gravity though, you'd have to manually assign those accounts access and then when they come to renew you'd either need to manually extend or have them create a new subscription.

    I'm not sure about Wishmember, I did a quick search and didn't find much there. Sorry.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Take care.

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