Is there a Pay per View plugin tutorial?

I am trying to use this new plugin and was wondering if it came with any documentation or video to show me how to use it? I want to provide three sets of materials but offer the option to choose one set for a price or get everything for another price.

  • Milan

    Hello @admin1899,

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    You'll find pretty much everything you need for the plugin on its usage page here:

    Once you have your general settings set up, you can override them for individual posts/pages using the settings you'll see at the top-right of your screen when creating or editing a post or page.

    To do so, set "Enabled?" to "Always enabled" and "Method" to "Selection tool" (screenshot).

    Then highlight the content you want to protect, and click the funky green icon in your visual editor to launch the shortcode generator. That will create the shortcode you need with the required ID in it.

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:


  • Marc

    Thanks Milan. I checked out the usage and I did all that but not sure how to separate the hidden content for the first option one time payment and the second option Access all content.

    Right now this is what I am doing:

    [ppw id="124721705" description="item" price="10"]Your content will go here. Your content will go here. Your content will go here. Your content will go here.Your content will go here. Your content will go here.Your content will go here. Your content will go here.Your content will go here. Your content will go here.Your content will go here. Your content will go here.Your content will go here. Your content will go here.Your content will go here. Your content will go here.Your content will go here. Your content will go here.[/ppw]

    If user chooses first option "Pay only $10 to see this item", They see the content above but what do they see if user chooses "Access all content for just $2.75 for 1 day". I want to offer everything with this option but how does this work?

  • Milan

    Hello @admin1899,

    Your welcome. :slight_smile:

    Now let me explain you how that second option we are referring here as "Access all content for just $2.75 for 1 day" works.

    First of all possible tweaking for that option can be done via Pay Per View > Pay Per View > Payment Options > Period Pass section

    Now as that options says it will let your users view and see all the content on your website for specific time period, defined in settings page mentioned before.

    So here is how it works,

    1) User pays periodic payment.
    2) Access allowed to view all the content of your website for that period of time.
    3) Period gets calculated from the time user pays payment.

    I hope this helps you. If you still have any further inquirey please let us know. We will be glad to help you with something. :slight_smile:


  • Marc

    Hi Milan,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I've run into a new problem.

    When user wants to choose subscription it prompts the user with two choices. Login or register. If the user does not have an account they must register. However register takes the user away from the flow and then the user needs to go all the way back to the page and click the link again. How do we redirect the user to paypal once they register?

    - Marc

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Marc,

    I hope you're well today!

    Currently that's not doable via plugin's options. There's a difficulty also because the registration process (assuming you're using default WP registration) is not unique per Pay per View plugin.

    The workflow is that after user clicks on "Register" and fills in the form, he/she gets an e-mail and needs to activate account (set password). It would require custom modification to default WP registration URL to include the "source" (protected with PPV) page view and I think this may cause some confusion to the member.

    The simple way would be however to tweak PPV register button to redirect to its "source" page after registration form is submitted. User would then still need to log in but with a clearly formatted message added to Pay Per View description you should be able to ask the to:

    1. do not close the "protected" page
    2. check email and set password as explained in an email (default WP email)
    3. once they confirm - login with their new login and password.

    That said, the "hack" would require changes to plugin code and I do not recommend it as it may lead to unexpected issues and also all changes would be lost upon plugin's update. Please make sure that you made a full backup of your site prior to applying it to your site and please note that changing WP plugin's core files is always a risk. In case you'd want to give it a try (under above conditions), please follow this steps:

    - download the .zip file that I included with this post
    - extract it to your local drive
    - access your site via FTP
    - go to /wp-content/plugins/pay-per-view/js/ folder
    - uploade the "ppw-api.js" file from your local drive to that folder, overwriting existing one (please first copy existing file to your local storage in order to be able to restore it in case anything went wrong).

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello sean middleton!

    This actually doesn't require any modifications to the plugin so i suggest you used a non-modified release, the one that you initially installed.

    To make user access content "one time only' and then get user to pay again to see the content again go to "Pay Per View -> Pay Per View" page and then:

    - in "Accessibility Settings" section set "Cookie validity time (hours)" option value to "0"
    - in "Payment Options" section make sure that only "One time view" checkbox is marked and others are not

    As a result:

    - user visiting your protected content will need to pay to access the content
    - after she/he leaves the page access will be discontinued
    - to access content again user will be required to pay again.

    If you have any further questions on this please start a separate thread of your own. This way we'll be able to respond faster and provide you with more accurate assistance :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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