Is there a plugin to add "Add Media" button to BuddyMobile Pro?

I purchased BuddyMobile Pro and have it working very nicely on my Android. I needed to go with a webkit browser -- Chrome is incompatible due to the age of my phone -- and I have it working nicely now with UC Browser. I notice there is no "Add Media" button near the status text area, and this, I believe, is due to the fact that BuddyPress doesn't have one by default. BuddyPress Media can provide this button for the BuddyMobile app, but then we have two buttons for the desktop view.

Does anyone know of either a different BP mobile app or perhaps a plugin to add the "Add Media" button so that my members can share media when using their phones?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    hi @Kevin Schafer

    thanks for posting.

    Unfortunately, this sounds more like an issue with buddymobile pro. As it's not 1 of our plugins I know nothing about & wouldn't be able to give you any advice regarding it. Have you tried contacting the buddymobile pro support?

    I'm not sure what else i can suggest, Buddypress media would have been my suggestion, but that looks out of the question. maybe you could hide the 2nd button on the desktop view with some CSS display: none ??

    hope this helps.


  • kevin_m__schafer
    • New Recruit

    Hi @Vaughan,

    Thanks for your reply. You hit the nail on the head with hiding one of the buttons on the desktop view. I contacted my theme developer and he provided the css for the custom file to hide his "Add Photo" link. It works.

    I have since discovered a compatibility issue between BuddyPress Media and my site. I know it's not the plugin, but it's the combination with other plugins on my site that is causing an issue. Earlier today one of my members had two posts that failed to show when they posted them, but it did show that they had written on the wall.

    Without BuddyPress Media, there's no way to produce a media upload button on BuddyMobile.

    I need to run some more tests to see what truly caused the posts to not display when I had the Media plugin activated. I really need to use it.


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