Is there a Plugin to autmatically create 3rd level domain?

I am setting up an appointment scheduling site using the appointment plugin.
What I want to do is automatically setup a 3rd level domain area when a visitor registers on my site, creating their own space and with appointment plugin functionality.

I ned the appointment plugin to be immediately available to a newly registered member, in their 3rd level domain area.

Example: say my site is, and a company registered and selected "mystore" as their domain id, so their 3rd level domain would be
If this capability is not available, then the next best option would be

By setting it up this way, a company could register, a 3rd level domain is established automatically, then they can setup appointment profiles for all of their agents / employees (within their 3rd level domain)

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Robert,

    You would need to already have a multisite setup for this. If you need to know how to create a multisite, see

    Then you could use the new blog templates plugin to create a site template, users will then select to create a site when they sign up & their site will be automatically created using that template.

    However you don't have to use new blog templates, any plugin that is network activated will automatically be activated on each new subsite of the network.

    Hope this helps

  • Robert
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I tried the Create A Network link and it landed on a non-existent page. I did search for it and found this page, which I think was the one intended;

    So to be sure I understand...
    1. I have to install the Wordpress MultiSite installation first
    2. After successfully preparing WordPress, then I can use the WPMUDEV multisite plugin to help me manage this?

    Other considerations??

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    You don't actually install a wordpress multisite, you turn an existing single wordpress site into a multisite.

    So first you install wordpress (recommended to install it in the root of your server, directly in public_html or htdocs)

    Then you turn it into a multisite following the directions on the create a network page.

    Once done, then you can use the other plugins you wish :slight_smile:

    Choose the subdomain option if you wish for your subsites to look like subdomains.

    Hope this helps

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