Is there a plugin to disable WordPress' default login?

I'm asking about a "shutdown" plugin, as provided here 3 years ago:

I'm posting in the Ultimate Facebook forum because its the only plugin I see that is a full replacement for WP's default "register" and "login" functionality.

My question is: How can I "turn off" WP's login so that the ONLY way you can login is with another login tool, like Ultimate Facebook or another plugin like BrowserID ( ) or any one or more options?

Thank you.

  • James Dunn

    Goodday @Clifford

    One that I've used in the past - and it seems to offer the widest array of social connections - is Gigya Social Identity Management I used the Social Login WP Plugin. Of course, that page is just the information on it - the WordPress plugin is located at Gigya Socialize for WordPress.

    Also, to "hide" the wp-login information, I use Ozh' Simpler Login Plugin so that you can use instead of to have your users login to the website.

    Hope that is helpful information to you. If not, post back. I'd have to pull out my virtual notebook though and do some research on other options if there are any. But, basically, I'd think you'd want to use OAuth as that's what most websites seem to be using today.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA .

  • James Dunn

    Goodday @masonjames and @Clifford

    I just stumbled upon something interesting - and it looks really new. It's only had 307 downloads and the last mod date was 7-17-2012, but it's good for WP3.4.1.

    It's WP FLogin - a plugin that allows you to make a custom login page and avoid using the WP standard one altogether. Or, you can stick the standard login box into your theme anywhere you want it. I think it just might work better than my original suggestion. And, I would test it to see if it worked with Ozh's plugin so you can give out a /login address, too.

    If you try it - or my original suggestion - or Mason's suggestion - be sure to post back and tell us what works and what doesn't for your application. Looking forward to your feedback. This plugin just might make my virtual notebook of very interesting plugins. It's already ranking to get there.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • Clifford P

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

    How much is Gigya?

    The other 2 plugins are good for changing where the user goes to login, but I didn't see mention/snippet of how to completely disable the wp-login.php. I want to FORCE all logins to be Gigya or Ultimate FB or whatever else I permit. And if I deactivate the Ultimate FB plugin, I guess no one can login, not even me... lol, but that's what I want (or at least want to know how to do). :slight_smile:

  • Clifford P

    @JamesDunn - says "Is the Gigya service free? The Gigya service is free for evaluation purposes." but the screenshot at shows the "default login or social login" option -- and I'd want JUST the social login option. I think I'll just submit a trac ticket asking for a filter on the wp-login.php so we can replace it or something.

    Thanks for your help and sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. :slight_smile:

  • James Dunn

    Hey @Clifford

    I've been a bum as well - just realized that I said I would try to install it on a new website to see if there was any cost. I haven't done that. I am working on a new installation at this very moment, so I'll install Gigya to see if it has any cost associated with it. On the websites I am using it on already though, there has never been a cost. I'm using the login function that you seem to want. I know that a lot of their other services have a cost, but my clients have never asked for those services and I doubt they ever will.

    Be back shortly...


    P.S. Didn't know you were also writing for - fellow author.

  • william_bronson

    I may be a newbie but, I disabled the tick box saying anyone can register in the settings area, and let wpmu dev membership plugin take over. And I'm now looking at adding register with facebook or google like wpmu dev does when you sign up here.
    So now the only default WP box is sign in. This works because I also have a simple little sync plugin called multisite user management installed.

    But using memberships doesn't force me to use wp-login. It works either way.
    If I sign in from the memberships link, or the wp-login, it works either way, but perhaps you could piggy back off that.

    anyway, perhaps something I said could help.

  • James Dunn

    Goodday @Clifford and @william_bronson

    I had a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) this morning and revisited a website I built a few years back. When I designed that website, the client wanted the login to appear "in" the pages of the website rather than have a "different" page with a different style. I did a search and found a plugin called Theme My Login and it allows you to place a login box in your sidebar and several other places.

    PLUS, if you type in or, you are not take to a back end login page. You get to a login page that has your header, menus, and everything that the other pages on your website have - doesn't even look like WordPress. Plus, couple that with Ozh Simpler Login and you can give people the link as their login point. That really hides the obvious fact that it's WordPress.

    Would this be an option that would work for you? Then, couple it with a social login and you just may have your solution.

    Post back - I'd love to know your feedback.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • foodfriendfinder

    Wordpress has a hidden redirect for login.

    Check with firebug around your login box on your theme and see if there is a redirect...usually directs back to your home page after login..
    or remove login box entirely too I am guessing

    So change redirect to your own login page that you set up.

    Personally I use s2member and have my own login page with site logo and social networking icon logins there along with on theme main page

    I am not sure what you are looking for.

  • James Dunn

    Goodday @william_bronson

    I apologize for not seeing this earlier - I was working with a client on finalizing a website that will launch later this week.

    Anyway, I'm going to be adding this very feature to a website in the next week or so and I'm leaning very heavy to OA Social Login - partly because it's updated to WP 3.4.2 and also because it has many different login methods available on it (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even PayPal - which I didn't know you could use to login to a WordPress website).

    If that one doesn't look like what you could use, our own Joseph Foley (from wrote an article entitled 21 WordPress Plugins for Safer, Smoother, and Better User Registration that might provide some help.

    From that article, I've used Peter's Login Redirect and Theme My Login - but there appear to be some other good ones there as well.

    If it were only Facebook, then of course the WPMUDev plugin - Ultimate Facebook - would serve well. But, for others as well, I think the first one I mentioned would be outstanding.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • william_bronson

    I tried a few.
    I deleted theme my login.
    FLexible frontend login works like a pop up but I couldnt get it to work.
    Wordpress social login works great but not on a big page registration. It would have to be a smaller pop up type form, or it puts the icons way over to the side.
    I tried another social login plugin but it was really involved and you had to get an account with them. pay pay pay for support etc.

    It really makes me mad when you buy a plugin and then you need to pay for everything to use it properly.

    So, I still don't have a small pop up registration and login, with social login and signup ability, like WPMU DEV uses.

    I'll say it again. If you make plugins, you'd be the greatest company on the planet if you used your own stuff and then provided tutorials about how to make them work the way you use them, in addition to other scenarios.

    To have a rockin site, with cool functionality, and you sell software that doesnt do what you do, is........well.........not exactly the way I'd do it. Just my opinion.

  • James Dunn

    Goodday again @william_bronson

    Did you try OA Social Login?

    Also, what theme are you using?

    I know this is always the recommendation, but did you revert back to Twenty-Ten or Twenty-Eleven temporarily to see if it's a theme issue? I'm a Genesis fanatic and sometimes, I will drop back to one of those to find out if it's a theme related issue or not. Once I identify that it is theme related, I can then search in the help forums for a potential answer OR ask my question there and get support.

    Don't get me on my soapbox about training. I gave public workshops for about 12 years or so. I was actually pretty good at it. A lot of what I did was training business owners how to run their businesses more effectively by systematizing things. I watch some of the so called "training videos" that I see online and shudder to think that someone would charge for them.

    Rare do I find one that is actually very good. I love doing those, but just can't seem to squeeze together enough time to do any right now. One of these days, I'm going to take a little time to put one together though. Who knows, I may even put a training together on how to properly do training videos

    I said don't get me started and there you did.

    Let me know the answers to those questions. I'd love to find a solution to this because like I said, I'll be doing this exact thing in a few days. You are correct. When you buy a premium WordPress plugin, you expect it to work without having to buy more stuff or subscribe to something else - unless that is disclosed in the beginning.

    Take care and we'll talk soon.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • James Dunn

    Goodday @foodfriendfinder

    WOW!! $9 a month. Is that per website that you use it on or multiple websites?

    Kinda surprising. I buy LOTS of WordPress plugins and I'm actually surprised that NO ONE has built one like this. I'm a member of a group call "The Nerd Herd", so I'll post there to see if anyone wants to put something like this together - even if it's a paid version, it shouldn't be $9 a month. Wonder what you're getting for the monthly money?

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • SooBahkDo

    Hello All,

    Enjoyed this exchange of experience. It was insightful.

    This may drift away from the original question about how to deactivate wp-login but since all login aspects are related it may provide some relevant input.

    Sooooooo just to add some additional confusion to the mix regarding login... :slight_smile:

    We have a custom recipe of plugins intended to make subsites on the network appear and function as independent website from the user perspective. More on that in a minute. Therefore one goal is to constrain subsite users so that they never encounter the network login screen OR if they do, it looks like it is part of the subsite.

    The plugin Custom Login is awesome for that purpose if you want to quickly implement a solution that requires no coding and uses the default login box. The plugin allows every site on the network to fully and INDIVIDUALLY customize the page the box appears on, the background image on the page, the login box itself, the backgound of the login box, all colors on all elements, opacity and the logo. VERY, VERY VERSATILE OPTIONS PAGE

    Custom Login

    You can easily make the page containing the login box look like any page on your site.
    The plugin also offers some paid upgrades, including login /logout redirects and stealth login, etc., but I am using the configuration of plugins below as I have not had time to test their offerings. However, if they work as well as this plugin, I may consider them.

    [have not tried Custom Login alongside Ozh Simpler Login but will do so after reading this article as I like the idea of "login" versus "wp-login." Stealth login feature of Custom Login might also be an option but have not explored it either.]

    For our application Custom Login works seamlessly along side:
    WPMUDEV Ultimate Branding (Custom Login provides very flexible login and page logo customization per site that Ultimate Branding does not. It overrides those features in Ultimate Branding)

    WPMUDEV Login Modifications (the header and footer messages appear correctly)

    WPMUDEV Login Redirect (correctly redirects users to any specified site page upon login)

    WPMUDEV Logout Redirect (correctly redirects users to any specified site page upon logout

    Join My Multisite (this one helps a bit with the new user problem described below)

    BAW Login/Logout Menu
    (this is useful when in many cases and redirects to the default login box page.)

    One other neat plugin that works great along with all these provided that you do not specify a Login Redirect url is
    Custom Login Redirect

    We leave Login Redirect active as it is needed on some sites and just leave the url field blank on sites where we want Custom Login Redirect to take over.

    It provides a drop down box on the login form that allows a user to select the area of the site they want to go directly to upon login. VERY COOL and a time saver.

    That said, I am not yet fully happy with our login configuration, but I'll throw throw the following experience in the mix.

    Constraining subsite users to the subsite they are registered on when logging in or out introduces a new user registration issue that I have not found ANY login plugin to address in a logical manner that makes sense to the user.

    [ I am referring to solution that do not require custom coding]

    Case in point. A user discovers and registers on a network subsite without any awareness that the site is part of a network. The same user then discovers another subsite on the network without any awareness that site is part of the same network they are already registered on. As a result they encounter the cryptic, confusing, registration error "that email is already in use" and they have no clue how that can be possible as they have never registered on this subsite (that they do not know is a subsite) and in many cases the user will use another email address as a workaround to get registered and now they have two user accounts on the network and that typically creates user confusion forever.

    It seems that when the existence of the user's email is discovered, a better error message would inform them about that is going on and that they can use their existing credentials to log into the site they are trying to register on.

    Where does one change that error message in code? Is it core?

    Is there a plugin that allows modification of that error message via an admin options panel? If not, why not?

    Now about those social login options, thanks for the info about those and I will test a few of the options discussed here. We have the Ultimate Facebook login via Facebook feature active for a while but disabled it as it seemed to bog down the entire network.

    Great dialog and thanks for sharing experience that may save others some time.

    Phil Duncan

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