Is there a shortcode for me to display up on top of the site how many items in the shopping cart? he

Is there a shortcode for me to display up on top of the site how many items in the shopping cart? here is an image example:

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    I suppose I want to know if there is a widget for VIew Shopping Cart that displays number of items in cart and total amount thus far. Is this not a feature. I notice that there is a pluggin that does something similar, that plugin is Marketpress floating Cart, but I just don’t wnat my item to float. I just want it to be there on top of the page.above the header such as the screenshot that i submitted above.

    This is the link to the Marketpress floating cart that you guys offer. I want to put something like this in my widget area that I already have anywhere I choose, how do I do this. I am a newbie and not used to code.

    i want this without the floating part, just static. thanks.

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    Hiya @marketpress9

    Nice username :slight_smile:

    The Floating Cart plugin was created and is provided by another member. It is not a WPMU DEV product.

    MarketPress does come with a shopping cart widget that you can use anywhere you have widget area.

    Unfortunately there is not a shortcode for that function. To add thethat to your theme, you would need to dive into the code. Are you comfortable doing that?

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    Hello Patrick.

    Thanks for the response. I would be comfortable doing that. can you tell me how to add that widget that displays that information. Which files do I need to modify and can you give me more details please. So long I have you guys to ask questions, I am up for the challenge.

    Thanks and looking forward to the response.

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    if you have marketpress with just barebone basics and want to allow us to customize it, you guys have to give a little documentation, i don’t find documentation for marketpress no where on the site. why would i hire a developer if i can do it. but if you don’t give documentation how do you want me to expand on marketpress to make it suit my needs.


  • Patrick
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    Hi again @marketpress9

    Sorry for the delay in response to this topic… we’ve been a little short-staffed these past few weeks. :slight_frown:

    There is actually a function built-in to MarketPress for that. The GridMarket child-theme of FrameMarket displays it dynamically in the header. If you like, you can download the theme free here:

    To add the shopping cart to your current theme, simply call the mp_show_cart function where you want it to display, like so (edit the div class to anything you like):

    <div class="my_cart_widget">
    <?php echo mp_show_cart('widget'); ?>

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