Is there a way for me to get a report of all or some sales via Events+?

I have someone whom wants to sell different events but also needs to get a quarterly or annual report of the events that were sold. This would include basically every dollar that was made during any given period of events. I'm not entirely sure if Events+ has this feature. If it doesn't, then does anyone know of another way, perhaps using MarketPress to generate the report instead?


  • Panos
    • SLS

    Hi Soto Web Studios ,

    Currently this feature is not available in Events+ but it would be a cool feature so I'm moving this thread to Featured & Feedback so it could get in developer's attention if it gets enough upvotes!

    Using MarketPress would be a quick workaround given that you don't sell other products as the report will contain sales for them too. MarketPress has a dashboard widget which includes orders for current day, previous day, last week and month ( visible in the admin dashboard ):

    Please let us know if this helps!


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