Is there a way my users under my prosites are able to use the plugins i install?

How do users of my prosite multisite network use the plugins I have installed?? I'm a bit confused on how this works a bit.

I have the plugins installed. But i don't want to network activate them as I only want the users to use them if they want to use the,..

Also, how does the premium plugins work, I set the plugins as premium, but there is no where to turn the plugins on or not in the admin dashbaord of a prosite user :disappointed:

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there Jordan,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    A network activated plugin wouldn't be available for site by site activation, rather if the plugin has menus or settings, that would still show to them in their admin.

    A plugin that you upload, but don't activate, will be available in the sub site > plugins. A Pro plugin must be a non-network activated plugin and should be available for activation in the sub site > plugins.

    Can you check you're not disallowing access to the plugins menu in network admin > settings > network settings.

    Also which plugins are you trying to use on a site by site basis?


    Kind Regards

  • Jordan
    • New Recruit

    Hi. Thanks for the quick response.

    in the network admin > settings > network settings, I do have "Enable administration menus" and plugins is checked off. Like so:

    "Also which plugins are you trying to use on a site by site basis?"
    none. i cant, the plugin link does not work on a site - by - site basis. The link is not there at all.

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