Is there a way or can someone come up with a plugin that


Is there a way or can someone come up with a plugin that removes those annoying splash menus for plugins?

Lately every plugin and their mother announces every little update with splash welcome screen that hijacks the user from the dashboard. That just confuses the hell out of everyone.

A great example of such a plugin is WooCommerce, which after each upgrade brings up that splash screen that says what is new in the current major release.

I am pretty sure they save some "show_splashcreen=true" somewhere, which a plugin (perhaps the MU Branding plugin) may override

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @taropaa!

    This would most likely be something that would have to be dealt with for each plugin. To use WooCommerce as an example, a transient gets created on activation:

    if ( ! is_network_admin() && ! isset( $_GET['activate-multi'] ) ) {
    			set_transient( '_wc_activation_redirect', 1, 30 );

    (that code is from lines 129-131 of /woocommerce/includes/class-wc-install.php)

    Then, if that transient is detected, the transient will then be deleted, and the user will be redirected. you can see this if you look at the install_actions function inside of class-wc-install.php.

    Kind Regards,

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