Is there a way to add custom fields to taxonomies?

I am trying to duplicate this page (built with Drupal) in WordPress.

I have been able to accomplish everything with CustomPress so far. I have set up a custom post type called Projects and have added two taxonomies to the post type to handle Industries and Solutions. Here is my page:

The problem I am running into is that I need a text area at the top of my Solutions taxonomy pages, which are using custom templates. I figured out how to use the taxonomy description are but the problem with that is that it does not support HTML and I need the text to be formatted and links added to it so it needs to support HTML.

After doing some research I have found most suggestions are to add a custom field to a taxonomy. I have looked at the back end and documentation and do not see a way to add a custom field to a taxonomy only a post type.

Is there a way to do this or maybe a better way to accomplish what I am trying to do with out having to hard code an if then statement in my template?

Melissa :slight_smile: