Is there a way to allow a membership rank to view X amount of a certain content type within a month?

I'd like to offer a premium membership that allows users to view a certain type of content, but not unlimited. So, for example they'd be able to view 4 pieces of protected content, or paid events with the events+ plugin for free with their membership, instead of giving them access to all of a particular piece of content.

I'm particularly interested in having this work with Events+, I looked through to see if you guys had some sort of userpoints/credits plugin but I see you haven't gotten to that yet. :slight_smile:

  • Patrick
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    Hi @atomicduo

    Welcome to the forums!

    You are quite right; it is currently not possible with Membership.

    However, we are working on an integration addon for Events+ that will allow you to use MarketPress to sell attendance to events, and leverage all the payment gateways available.

    MarketPress can use CubePoints as a payment gateway, and you can "gift" users with a pre-determined amount of points at registration.

    Stay tuned for the update to Events+ (still ironing out the kinks). This may provide you with a workable alternative.

  • atomicduo
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    Hey Patrick,

    I had thought about that same work-around but had thought of making it possible to purchase memberships through Marketpress and was looking for that, but this would work also as an alternative.

    I'll look forward to the update, I wasn't planning on finishing this up for another few weeks so hopefully there will be more sometime around then.


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