Is there a way to block out a 30 minute period before a booking?

Is there a way to stop a user booking an appointment half an hour before an appointment that already exists?

So for example, for bookings that are 30 minutes in length, if there is a booking at 10am, another user cannot book something for 9.30am as this half hour block is for the service provider to prepare for the 10am booking.



  • Judah
    • New Recruit

    Hey David,

    You can add in a "padding" time before or after any service that you provide.

    If you are trying to have both time slots 9:30 and 10 open and have the padding come into effect after a user confirms a booking that may require some custom coding (confirm with WPMU DEV).

    However, if you only have appointment time 10 as an option, you can set the padding time of 30 min before to be blocked out.

    You can add the padding to a specific Service Provider or to a service.

    Go into Appointments+ setting -> add ons and activate "paddings". Than in the services tab under the service name choose "more info" and that is where you can add padding to the service. If you go into the service providers tab underneath the Service Provider name choose "more info" and that is where you can add padding to the Service Provider

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