Is there a way to bookmark blog posts so they appear on our dashboard like favourites?

One of the things I love best about WPMU Dev (besides the incredible level of staff support) is the depth and breadth of truly valuable content provided through the blog. There are a number of posts that walk you through some really complex (and really helpful) customizations to tighten things up, and add new layers of functionality.

I always find myself wish there was a way to "favourite" these blog posts as we are able to do with community discussions.

Right now I drag a link to the web page into a folder on my computer desktop so I have an easy way to get back to these really quickly (easier than browser bookmarks), but it would be so very helpful if these were integrated into our dashboard.

Is this already possible, and I'm simply missing something? If not, it would be a terrific new feature to request.

Thanks a bunch for any insight folks might be able to provide on this.