Is there a way to copy content from one subsite to another

Is there a way to copy the content from one subsite to another without having to just manually keep doing them over and over again?

  • Michelle Shull

    Happy Friday, Corn!

    Yes! You can totally make that job easier on yourself. We've got two options that would work, depending on what exactly you want to do.

    1. Cloner. Cloner will allow you to make a "clone" of any site on your network, which you can then use to create a new site, or replace an existing site.

    2. Snapshot. If you only want to move the content from one site to another, Snapshot is your better choice. It will allow you to only grab the files and database tables for your posts, pages, and plugins.

    I've just spent a lot of time with both of these plugins, I'm happy to walk you through either one, or both of them.

    Hope you've got a fun weekend in front of you!

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