Is there a way to create custom content types for groups?

Is there a way to create custom content types for groups?
I tried with CustomPress but the newly created content type doesn't seem to be available inside the group.
Thank you.


  • Federico


    Actually what I need is to be able to have blogging capabilities inside groups. For example, a mamber of the group creates a post inside that groups, not simply share a status. Not only that, I want that member to create a custom post type (e.g. an Idea) inside the group.
    I used CustomPress to create custom post types but I'm missing is a way to have a blog inside a BP group.

    I've tried teh GroupBlog plugin from wordpress and couldn't get it to work (works up to wp 4.0) I downgraded to 4.0 but no luck.

    Do any of your plugin offer what I'm looking for?

    Thank you


  • Ash

    Hello @Federico

    I am aware of only BP Group Blog plugin to enable blogging group wise. I am afraid, we don't have such plugins.

    About the custom post type, this is not possible to have a custom post type under a group. Custom post type registered in wordpress and it has it's own procedure.

    With custom post type, do you mean to have a submenu called "Idea" under Group BP menu? If yes, that might be possible, but in that case that part needs to be custom and you have to develop that part as well.


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