Is there a way to duplicate newsletter issue or create template?

Is there a way to copy a newsletter issue to easily keep the formatting and change the content? Or to create a template from a newsletter to then easily change the content keeping the formatting for the next issue?

If there is not, then please request this feature, as well as the option to use the newsletters as autoresponder sequence, so that you can send them in certain order as new members join.


  • mariamar

    Hi Aristath,
    I just downloaded the plugin one or two weeks ago. Is there a newer version?

    I'm using the available templates. But that's not what I'm asking.

    This is what I want to do:

    I want to send a weekly newsletter that changes as the members advance, so that it could be like this:

    Issue one: free trial week 1
    Issue two: free trial week 2
    Issue three: First paying level week 1
    Issue four: Second paying level week 2

    And continues like that.
    Then when someone enters, I'd send them the first newsletter and they would keep receiving the others automatically (hopefully).

    (I also have the automessage plugin. Unfortunately it does not allow html, so I can't use it to schedule the automatic delivery of the newsletter.)

    As you see, that's a lot of newsletters, one per week of membership. I want to keep the look and feel for each and change only the content.

    But right now, I have to start from scratch for each newsletter. If there was a way of copying/duplicating a newsletter, then I would only have to change the name and content. I could use the first issue as a template to reproduce the other issues.

    (I have a post/page duplication plugin, but I don't think that the newsletter gets featured as a post, does it? If it does, then I can go that way.)

    If that's not possible, is there any way to do scheduling/duplication using another plugin or getting creative?

    If not, I'd like to submit the request for those features, that's for sure. And if you know of any plugin I can use to solve this problem, I'd be grateful.


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