Is there a way to exclude one site from a large multisite group?

I have this in a group of 50 sites, however, my main domain is not related to the pop-up content and I want to exclude the pop-up for that one site. Is there a way to do that?

I looked and could see nothing that does that.

Of course I could go to a site by site plugin, but nothing is as good as doing them all at once.


  • DavidM

    Hi johnpent,

    There's not currently a rule that would stop it from showing on a specific site like that, but you could potentially alter the rules in popover\popoverincludes\classes\popoverpublic.php. Starting on line 53 you'll see the respective checks for the existing rules.

    I imagine you could potentially replace one of those rules with something like this:

    global $current_site;
    if($current_site->id == 1) {
       return false;
    } else {
    	$show = true;

    While it's not something we can support here, I think that would do it.


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