is there a way to filter the calendar in events+


I know I have had a lot of questions about this plug-in and I appreciate all of the help I have been receiving by the amazing staff here at WPMU DEV.

When using the calendar in events plus the layout can get really silly looking. When there are days without events and other days with 3 events, the cell / column that has 3 events will be much larger than the cell / column with no events. Also longer event titles become hard to read until you move the mouse over them.

Is there any way to allow a user to filter the events calendar by event title, like you can do in the appointments+ calendar by adding a shortcode [app_services select="choose service"], or any other way to solve this?

I would like to let the user choose an event, and then have the days of the event highlighted on the calendar rather than display the event info on the date.

I really like how the calendar works / looks in appointments+, but I need to accept up to 8 customers per appointment, like I can do with events+.

I hope this is not confusing, and I appreciate any suggestions.