Is there a way to have a single page with the videos on my own site, not within a client's site

I think I'd like to have a collection of videos on my own site for reference. For example:

I would want to do this for a number of ideas (none set in stone):
- offer the first 5 for free, then say the others come if you build a site with me
- offer all for free and say I do WordPress setups and training (build that side of my business)
- offer for free if you Like/Tweet/+ this page (your Social Marketing plugin)
- pay a fee
- only tell clients about it and deny search engine spiders, just so I can use videos within/as a part of my own set of WP how-to stuff
- IDK, anything else...

This plugin is enabled as a page within the Dashboard/Admin area of client sites.

How would you recommend implementing this Admin page as a Public-facing page?

Thank you.