Is there a way to have an event that doesn't have attendees

Is there a way to have an event that doesn't have attendees and doesn't have the attendance buttons?

  • Patrick
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    Hi @freedog

    Yes there is. :slight_smile:

    When creating/editing your event, include it in a special category that you create just for the "No Attendees" events (screenshot).

    Each event category automatically adds a CSS class to the wpmudevevents-wrapper div on the event page. So, using that class selector, you can add a style rule to hide stuff just for events that are assigned that category, and have that CSS class.

    For example, if an event is added to a category called "No Attendees", the class would be no-attendees and the following CSS would hide the buttons on any event added to that category:

    #wpmudevevents-wrapper .no-attendees .wpmudevevents-buttons { display:none; }

    You can add the CSS to your theme/child-theme style-sheet, or use a simple plugin like this one for all your custom CSS needs:

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hiya @freedog

    Happy New Year!

    Hope you had a great Christmas holiday despite stuff not working yet the way you want it to. :slight_smile:

    I checked events on your site, but can only find expired ones from December. Could you set up a test event with your no-attendees category? Then I could take a look with developer tools to see if the CSS is being properly applied.

    Where are you adding cystom CSS by the way? In your theme's style.css, a child-theme style.css, a custom CSS plugin?

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