Is there a way to have multisite categories?

As written in the object, I need to assign categories for posts and pages to multiple sites (or at least synchronize them between the sites). I’ve looked at your plugins, but I didn’t find a way to do it. Maybe I have to look better for a specific plugin?

What I need to do:

– define global categories and subcategories

– let those categories be assignable to posts and pages in one or more subsites

– collect posts by categories (this should work like Recent Global Posts)

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    I’m afraid we don’t have plugins that specifically have this functionality, you could for example use New Blog Templates, to create a demo/test site with the categories and subcategories, then use this test site/demo site to define that as a default template for all newly created sites.

    However this may not give you the functionality that you are require, you could try a tool such as

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  • akh701
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    Hi @axana

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    I am not an expert and a staff member can correct me and give you a better answer. But the way I would go about this if I am the one creating the subsites or even if it was by my members through pro-site. I would use blog-template plugin provided by wpmudev and with this template I can create all the pages and categories etc that I want in each of my subsites so like this you would only have to write them once and you can even copy your main site and like that when you create a new subsite and choose a this template everything will be created and like that you will have all your categories and subcategories available. Then you can use the Recent Global posts or even the live stream posts with the aid of post index to choose which posts from which categories/tags you wich to show on your main site

    I hope I made since and I hope I understood you right. If you need any help am more than happy to help


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