IS there a way to imbedd the course press pro theme inside

IS there a way to imbedd the course press pro theme inside my current website theme? the current default is not as great as the coursepress pro theme. Or maybe there is a way to make the pages for coursepro real pages so I can alter their design?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Down,

    I hope you're doing well today!

    Sure you can use "real" pages for some CoursePress sections. Just go to the "CoursePress Pro" -> "Settings" page -> "General" tab and scroll down a little. Take a look at the screenshot I've attached to this post. It's just an example but you'll find an entire section with dropdown menus that you can use to switch from "Use virtual page" to the real pages that you've created first in your "Pages" WP section.

    As for the other pages (those that you cannot switch to "real" in CoursePress settings) they should already use your theme's style so in order to tweek them to better suit your site simply adjust your theme's css style file.

    If you have any further question on this please don't hesitate to ask, I'll be glad to help!


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello again Down,

    I hope you're having a great day today!

    Did you manage to deal with those design issues you were asking about? Let me know please, I'll happily assist you if needed.

    I'd also like to add a bit to my previous post, if I may. There's a plugin called "jonradio Multiple Themes" that allows you to select different themes for different pages and posts and I think it could be very handy in this case. You can download it for free from WordPress plugin repository here:

    I hope that helps.


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