Is there a way to integrate Directory + MarketPress = Single site business directory WITH ecommerce?

Hello all, I have a requirement where I need to build a directory for multiple restaurants. Directory listings will show restaurant information, phone, hours, description, rating, restuarant logo etc. Listings will also show the restaurants menu. It will will need to be developed to restrict restaurant owners from seeing other restaurants. Maybe Admin Menu Editor and Role Editor could facilitate that? The other requirement is to allow visitors of the site to seach for restaurants, by type of restaurant, zip code radius, delivery zones etc. and chose items from the the restaurants menu for pick up or delivery, add to a cart, and pay for with credit card. My client wants all monies to go to his account initially, then he needs to be able to pay each restaurant on a schedule based on the food order for that time period. Restaurant owners will need to have access to a report showing thier sales for the time period at any given time. My client should be able to see a report broken down by restaurant showing the items sold so he can pay out appropriate monies to restaurant owners.

Was wondering if a single site install of wordpress with the directory plugin and the marketpress plugin (as well as some other plugins) could facilitate these requirements?

This has me a bit stuck. Any advice and or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all in advance

  • Vaughan

    hi @eholland

    thanks for posting.

    I am not sure, that directory/marketpress & such could work in the way you mention. whilst it's possible they will provide some of that functionality, you may need to make a fair amount of customizations.

    It will will need to be developed to restrict restaurant owners from seeing other restaurants.

    how do you mean by restrict? because if it's fully restricted, how do people view it & place an order etc? so some information will have to be made available to other restaurant owners anyway.

    I suppose, the membership plugin could find a way in here to control access to say an owners level & visitor/member level.

    Maybe Buddypress with it's groups functionality too, except groups would be the restaurant of course, that would restrict a few things too.

    I can't help but think of the just-eat website here.

    Though I have searched a bit and come across this article for to 10 restaurant related plugins.

    hope this helps, if you require any further advice, let us know.


  • eholland

    Hi, thank you for the quick response and the link.

    What I mean by "restrict" is I do not want Restaurant Owner A to be able to see, edit, remove menu items or listing information from Restaurant Owner B. This would be bad. When restaurant owners log into the back-end, it should look and feel like they are the only restaurant on the site from thier perspective (role). I 'think" using plugins that restrict by role and capability (ie see only my) could provide this requirement....I think. From the front end, a visitor should be able to search for and see all restaurants in the site, click on the directory listing, see additional information about the restaurant including the menu, add to cart for each item and shopping cart.

    Think of it as multi-vendor on a single site install of wordpress. Not to be confused with multi-site ecommerce.


  • aristath

    Hello there @eholland, I hope you're well today!

    From reading the description of what you want to achieve, it looks to me like you want to run a "network" of restaurants, each one with its own menu etc.

    If this is the case, have you considered using WordPress multisite combined with MarketPress and Prosites?
    Doing so would allow you to sell sub-sites that can use subdomains (, etc ) or subfolders (, etc).
    This way, each site will have its own admin, menu etc and there will be no security issues whatsoever!


  • eholland

    Hello, yes that is exactly what I want. In fact I have the test environment setup now. My issue is with this environment there is NO advanced searching of resturants for consumers. Yes, now I have a network of restaurants which is great, but now how do I allow visitors of the site to search for restaurants in a "meaningful" way. It is not enough to display a list of "restaurants". That is not how consumers search. They need to search by the followng criteria:

    Type of restaurant
    Location of restaurant (in prox. to them), by zip code, etc
    Maybe they want to search by rating
    Search by pick up or delivery
    Combination of any of the above

    What would be perfect is:
    - Restaurant owner goes to site
    - Restaurant owner clicks Add a Restaurant link, fills out form with restaurant details
    - Email goes to "network" owner
    - Network logins into site, approves or rejects pending application
    - If approved, a site is automatically created using "blog templates" for restaurant owner
    - A directory listing is automatically created on "main site" for restaurant with the details from the onlication
    - The main site directory displays a veiw of all restaurants that can be sorted and filtered by multiple criterias
    - Once the consumer finds restaurant they want, they should be able to click the "something" in the directory listing for the restaurant and be taken directly to the restaurants SITE and NOT the directory single listing detail page

    I hope all that makes sense :slight_smile:

  • aristath

    Yes, it does make sense. :slight_smile:
    So... The missing piece in your multisite installation is a directory listing so that users can search for restaurants, am I right?

    Let me suggest a slightly different approach... one that does not require the Directory plugin. :wink:

    Pro-sites can be integrated with Gravity Forms and there quite a few posts on these forums that describe how to achieve that.

    So you could create some custom fields on the user's profiles (restaurant address, type of restaurant, pickup/delivery etc) and when a user tries to create a new restaurant (site) they must fill in these fields.

    This, way, all the info is available as metadata on the users profiles, which can be searchable!


  • eholland

    Hi Ari
    I like the way you're thinking! Sounds like Gravity Forms + Pro Sites may be what I'm after for this final bit.

    Extending the user profile (in this case, that particular user is a restuarant) seems very slick. The only part I am questioning is the "listing of user (restaurants) capability like a directory and the advanced searching of users (restaurants) using different criteria.

    This sounds like a slick way to go if I can read something outlining the listing of users (restaurants) and thier extended profile data AND the advanced filtering and searching of that user list.

    Thanks Ari

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