Is there a way to integrate Directory + MarketPress = Single site business directory WITH ecommerce?

Hello all, I have a requirement where I need to build a directory for multiple restaurants. Directory listings will show restaurant information, phone, hours, description, rating, restuarant logo etc. Listings will also show the restaurants menu. It will will need to be developed to restrict restaurant owners from seeing other restaurants. Maybe Admin Menu Editor and Role Editor could facilitate that? The other requirement is to allow visitors of the site to seach for restaurants, by type of restaurant, zip code radius, delivery zones etc. and chose items from the the restaurants menu for pick up or delivery, add to a cart, and pay for with credit card. My client wants all monies to go to his account initially, then he needs to be able to pay each restaurant on a schedule based on the food order for that time period. Restaurant owners will need to have access to a report showing thier sales for the time period at any given time. My client should be able to see a report broken down by restaurant showing the items sold so he can pay out appropriate monies to restaurant owners.

Was wondering if a single site install of wordpress with the directory plugin and the marketpress plugin (as well as some other plugins) could facilitate these requirements?

This has me a bit stuck. Any advice and or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance