Is there a way to make Links show like Post Headlines

I'd like to be able to put links on my front page, but have them display just like post headlines so visitors wouldn't know the difference.

The Huffington Post does this all the time. Any thoughts on how i could make this happen with BP Daily?

  • Tammie

    @gregfielding: Not sure about that perhaps a plugin or some custom code work is what you require it's certainly not something we'd add to the theme at this stage sorry. I also can't really advise as would have to do it to see and that's stepping into the customisation realms. Only thing I can think of is stream like plugins but the call to show that on the front is just a call to pull posts in Daily. The issue is the 'mixing up'. You could add them to the bottom using the format you find in library/components/content-columns.php, but making a stream of them all is something different.

    All this being said I'm fairly sure if you either have some PHP skills or are willing to advertise in the job board on this site that a developer could achieve this for you or you could with some PHP hacking. As to what I'm not sure.