Is there a way to make Personalized Pages for Specific Users?

I am making a membership site for a client. They want the ability to:

- have someone pay monthly for services
- once someone pays / signs up, they can go to a specific page that was made just for that individual who just signed up. It would have their name and eventually, text that's made for just them to read.
- they just need one page per person for now

The only way I can see this happening is by using this plugin:

This plugin redirects specific users to a specific page that could be made just for them.

For example, Linda pays $99 and get access to her page

There, Linda can see:
- her meal plan
- videos with exersices
- personalized info specifically for Linda's eyes only

This seems like a lot of work to continue to do this.

Is there a plugin or system out there that someone else has made to be able to do this?

Please advise...