Is there a way to make the entire site 100% and not have a set width (1080p) for editable regions?

Is there a way to make the entire page 100% width instead of having sections that only allow you to edit up to 1080p? I would like the three images (as seen in the screenshot) to be as wide as the picture above at all times.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Nate, Michael here, hope you're doing well! :slight_smile:

    Making all of the regions full width would take a good deal of custom CSS code (though the background for the regions can be set to full width), the making of a region (filled with contents) full width in the way you're looking for would involve some custom CSS code as well.

    Looks like you've already got your content set up in a container fashion, though, with your three images set up like this:

    Are you planning to go with that instead? I'm asking because the width of that container holding the three images is already as wide as the image displayed above (albeit, it's an image different from the one illustrated in the earlier screenshot).

    Please advise,

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