is there a way to manualy insert a signup on the Affiliate plugin

Maybe a bit of a wierd question, but i want to use the affilate plugin somewhat broader then its designed for original

Currently a signup occurs when people link from another website with a reffer-id & signup to a new blog

is there a way to do/insert this “signup” manualy.(by a piece of code ) e.g. on al specific page ?

So for example i could track also information forms/contact requests a product sale or specific downloads by putting a (shortcut) code on the “thank you” page thats inserts a “signup” in the Affiliate stats of the refferal.

If so how to call for this / wich code to be used (or some pointers)

Hope i`ve made myself clear as english is not my first language.



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  • DavidM
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    Hi remedia and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Please feel free to correct any misunderstanding on my part, but a user’s referral url could be hard-coded into a page or theme file. Would that be somewhat along the lines of what you’re requesting?

    In case it helps, the following article from the blog goes through the process of customizing Affiliate to specific needs. It does involve some coding, but it covers the important bits very nicely.



  • Barry
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    There are four actions you can hit for affiliate:

    Affiliate click – pass in the user_id and it will record a click for that user.

    do_action('affiliate_click', 21);

    Affiliate signup – this works differently, it reads the cookie (I’ll look at changing this in an update)


    Affiliate purchase – records a complete for the user_id passed and adds the amount to the credit value.

    do_action('affiliate_purchase', 21, 9.99);

    Affiliate credit – adds the amount passed to the credit value

    do_action('affiliate_credit', 21, 9.99);

    Affiliate debit – adds the amount passed to the debit value

    do_action('affiliate_debit', 21, 9.99);

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