Is there a way to migrate from GD Star Ratings to Post Voting Plugin?

I'm curious if there is a way to migrate from GD Star Ratings to Post Voting Plugin?

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    Am not familiar with the GD Star Ratings plugin, this should be possible via the database.

    The post Voting plugin uses a database named wp_wdpv_post_votes. It has these fields: id, blog_id, site_id, post_id, user_id, user_ip, vote, date . I hope all of these are self explanatory.

    If it was me, here is how I would approach this.

    - Install Post Voting plugin on a test install, do some trial votes.
    - Backup the database of the original site. Repeat, backup the database.
    - Figure out the table of GD rating plugin
    - Deactivate the GD rating plugin
    - Rename the table of Gd rating to the table name of Post Voting and change the filed names the post voting plugins names. Of course delete the un-necessary columns. (all these via phpmyadmin).
    - Activate the post voting plugin

    This is a very long shot, and there are many ways it could fail. I would highly suggest you do this on a test install first.

    A better choice would be to install the post voting plugin and copy the post ID and vote count to its table from the GD Rating's table.

    Both these are thought straight of my head, at your own risk, you have been warned.

    There is no sure shot way for this right now. But this could be fun to deal with :slight_smile:

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