Is there a way to set autoblog posts to no index, no follow

Is there a way to set autoblog posts to no index, no follow on import so I don't have to click on each post?

  • Vaughan

    Hi Beth,

    Hope you're well?

    When you say so you don't have to click on each post, are you actually using a plugin which gives you this ability, as you can't change the noindex/no follow on a per post basis using the default wordpress core, so i'm assuming you are usinga plugin which gives you that ability.

    On saying that, it would certainly need to be custom coded to do this, and would need to be done for that particular plugin you use as we would need to know how that plugin works first, but it could certainly be achieved, just not sure on the complexity as you may need to hire a developer to make the change.


  • Vaughan

    Hi Beth,

    Yes, if you have the infiniteSEO plugin installed, this is what is giving you the option :slight_smile:

    I have added this as a feature request for the developer to consider adding in a future update.

    But for now, I have actually written an addon for autoblog, which you can use.

    Download and unzip the attached file to your desktop.

    Then using FTP, upload the enclosed infiniteseo.php file to the following location.


    Once done, activate the infiniteSEO addon in the addons for autoblog.

    Dashboard > autoblog > addons

    Now, when you edit or add a new feed, you should see options to set no follow & no index.

    Hope this helps

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