Is there a way to sync all LDAP profiles to a WP site so local users are not created?

The WP -Multi Site service that I am managing is only for members of our school division. We have connected our divisional central directory to the WP server using the plugin “wpDirAuth” and have turned off external registration.

This works great as long as a user has logged into the WP server at least once. By logging in and out the plugin activates a directory account. ( it would be nice if it would sync all the directory users upon activation)

Unfortunately, if we happen to create student sites using the “Blogs and Users” plugin or the “Batch Create” plugin before the student has logging into the main site, a “new user” is created. This “new user” is a local user that now owns the students email address.

When the student tries to log in for the first time the ldap directory fails to authenticate because it wants to create an directory user with the same email address the the local user owns. I then have to delete the “local user” log into the site to create the directory user and then reconnect that user to their blog.