Is there a way to wget WPMU stuff?

Hi guys.

I see you’ve just pushed an update to the Farms Theme pack. From your instructions, I’ve got to download this to my local machine and then upload it to my server.

I’m lazy, I’ve got shell access to my server and it has a much faster connection than I have on my PC.

I’ve tried issuing a wget command from my server to download the link. This fails with a 301 redirect to the url.

Is there a way I can construct this url to show I’m authorized to download this by say adding my api key as a querystring parameter?


  • Alexander
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    Hi @cpilko,

    I’m sorry, as this could lead to automatic scripting, it’s not really something we can support. For the most part all of our plugins and themes can easily be updated from the dashboard. As for the Farms pack, because it is so large, we can’t provide automatic updates and you’re unfortunately limited to FTP or other methods.

    I can give you a hint and let you know that our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin does something similar (with the API key) to download the updates. Might be able to figure it out from that code.

    Take care

  • Alexander
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    Hi @cpilko,

    Ah right, I forgot about that. Actually I just took a look and there are plenty of other measures in place to prevent it from being accessed directly.

    Might be able to use curl to login and get an authentication cookie, then pass the cookie back when requesting the usual download link.

    Best regards,

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