Is there a working demo of this thing somewhere?

Where is the working demo for this plugin?

  • Webmaster

    Hey thanks everybody.

    I was beginning to wonder if anyone had gotten it going. New kid on the WPMUDEV block and am having a bit of trouble getting things to work right.

    First, I'm using a Genesis theme and they are pretty good about keeping their code up so I shouldn't think it is the theme. But when the plugin generates the three pages I thought those three would work out of the box and mine didn't. The Classifieds page shows ALL posts - classifieds or not.

    Does the Classifieds blog (template name) page require a Custom Field?

    Also, when I bring up a category page all I get is this:


    … [Read more...]

    Filed Under:

    Nothing else, and yes, there is an ad in every category.

    So... I dunno.

  • atouchofsummer

    Alas, there seems to be a few quirky incompatibilities between several WPMU plugins and the Genesis Framework... I'd reported an issue with Genesis and MarketPress (several times over the past 6-7 months), but no one here nor there seems interested in resolving it. It also shows up on Classifieds and Directory, but not with CustomPress, which I thought was strange.

    I had thought it was a Genesis thing, since that extra meta data doesn't show up if you use a different theme, but that extra info sometimes shows up on some non-Genesis HTML5 themes, so I don't know where the problem needs to be looked at. I do know it's very specific to custom post types, and is also specific to the custom post single display as well as the custom post archives, especially the auto-generated ones.

    It's partially controllable using the Simple Edits plugin, and Genesis 1.9.2, but if you're using Genesis 2.0 and an HTML5 theme, we're SOL.

    The only offer for help I'd received was from a top-level WordPress/Genesis coder, but he won't do any serious digging into the issue without being paid, and at $140/hour, I didn't think it was something I should pay to have fixed, seeing that this is a WPMU/Genesis issue :slight_smile:

    I hope you find a solution, because I haven't as yet.

  • atouchofsummer

    Same here, I've been using Genesis since before it was actually Genesis, and trust me when I say that the disinterest in resolving this issue is just as high at Studio Press as it is here, so I'm doubly disappointed.

    Studio Press has repeatedly said that it's an individual theme issue, but it happens with all Genesis child themes that I have access to, every single one of theirs and more than a handful of third-party child themes, so how that's not a core Genesis issue by their standards also escapes me.

    But both Studio Press and WPMU seem to think it's not their concern.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Issues can happen where a theme is not following WordPress standards. That's not to say it's doing anything wrong, just that it's doing something custom and thus not rendering the information correctly.

    The theme controls the output.

    For me to look into this we need to take one issue at a time.

    I'm not so familiar with Genesis but I'm happy to take a pop at this, so can you let me know the following please @Webmaster :

    - Latest version of Genesis?
    - Which child theme? Latest version?
    - Is that free so I can download it and play with it? And link?
    - Latest WP version?
    - Latest Directory version?
    - Can you give me a link to where I can see this behaviour please?

    I'll then see if I can grab a copy, some companies let us and are happy to work together for our mutual members benefit. Or, if the guys at StudioPress wish to contact us (from an official email address) then I'm happy to give them access if they wish to help resolve this issue.

    I'd love to help get you sorted out.

    Let me know.

  • atouchofsummer

    Timothy, where were you last July-August? LOL!

    During that time, I made several offers to set up a test site with the Genesis Framework and several premium Genesis themes to let WPMU devs use as a sandbox and see if they could find a solution to this, or at least figure out the cause. Alas, no takers at the time.

    This thread has some background:

    plus this one over at Studio Press:

    This problem existed in Genesis 1.9.2 and MarketPress, but when Genesis 2.0 came out last August, the problem grew bigger in scope, and unmanageable by my standards, and I think it was because Genesis 2.0 included new features to auto-generate custom post type archives, and the behavior is worse with HTML5 themes than with XHTML ones.

    A high-level WP dev told me that it looked like extra redundant empty markup elements are being generated, but he wasn't sure if it was coming from the framework, the WPMU plugins, or some strange interaction of them both creating that extra markup.

    I'm not sure if it existed in earlier versions of Genesis because I didn't start playing with WPMU plugins until last year, but I can say that I hadn't seen any other plugin for creating/managing custom post types behave like this.

    If you and anyone else on the WPMU support/dev teams wants to have a go at this, let me know and I'll set up a site just for you.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey @atouchofsummer

    Our services are somewhat changing compared to years gone by. You've probably noticed a number of things, faster response times in general, we're now providing more custom help than we've ever done before. Of course if you need a big custom plugin you still need a developer or you open a feature request and see how many other members want it. But if it's CSS, a simple PHP function, we're happy to help with guidance, direction and often even providing code snippets, logging in and fixing stuff often even when it doesn't relate to our own stuff.

    I've been off during the day today (hence my longer response time), but now I'm online and as soon as you posted I saw this and I'm responding in under a few hours (under 15 minutes from your post). This time last year a follow up response could take two or three days. The year before it could be a week.

    We've still got a fair few improvements to make but we're aiming high and constantly improving our services. :slight_smile:

    I've done a fair number of fixes to many themes for members over the years, nine times out of ten it is the theme. Sometimes it is our plugin, but where it isn't our plugin we use to just expect the theme developer to look at the issue and provide a relevant fix.

    If you want to set that site up replicating your main site along with data then I'll happily take a peek! :slight_smile:

    Can you please send in:

    - Mark to my attention
    - Link back to this thread
    - Include admin/network access
    - Include FTP
    - Include any relevant URLS for your site

    On the contact form, select "I have a different question", this ensures it comes through and gets assigned to me.

    Take care.

  • atouchofsummer

    Done, Hopefully you have an email with all the info you need.

    Discovered one other thing while setting this up for you... the excess post info shows up when the Genesis settings for "Content Archives" are set for "post excerpts", but don't show up in their full blatant glory when set to "post content". Never came across that before.... snapshots below show the difference:

    #1 has just a stray "By" in there (post content setting)
    #2 has the stray "By" plus what seems to be all of the post titles on that page plus the excerpt content.

    Also, and this is new, I can't seem to disable the category filter chooser anymore. I used to be able to in MP 2.8, but now it won't go away. Interesting :slight_smile:

  • atouchofsummer

    You, sir, truly rock! Could the fix you cooked up also translate to resolving the same issue with Classifieds and Directory?

    Also, any ideas on why the Product Filters dropdowns are still displayed even when I have it set to "No" in the Presentation settings?

    I was able to successfully turn that off in MP 2.8, but I can't seem to do that with this newest version. All the other settings seem to be functioning normally.

  • atouchofsummer

    Also, just a thought: there's a free plugin called Genesis Connect WooCommerce, created mostly by the StudioPress folks, that helps bring the WooCommerce plugin "in-sync" with the Genesis framework, template styling and such.

    Maybe the changes you came up with could eventually be integrated into a "Genesis Connect MarketPress" plugin, something available in the repository that could benefit MP Lite and MP users both?

    That's one way I could imagine having these mods available for the Genesis users that need them, while not cluttering up MP for those who wouldn't.

    I'd volunteer to have a go at it, but I've only written one Genesis plugin, and I'm still learning a lot of the ropes :slight_smile:

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    For the directory plugin I would imagine you could use the WP template hierarchy, directory is a custom post type.

    MarketPress is a little different in how it's pages are created, we do have some code in there for older Genesis versions to remove some of their stuff. But, they changed their code so the provisions we had in place were no longer affective.

    So in order to use Genesis and Woo you also need this other plugin?

    Not really sure I like the idea of needing another plugin to make a theme work with a popular plugin, but if that's what it takes. With 27k downloads it looks like it's fairly popular and needed.

    Also, any ideas on why the Product Filters dropdowns are still displayed even when I have it set to "No" in the Presentation settings?

    Could you please clear cache, just in case. Then let me know.

    We might need to take another look. In fact, just so we don't keep alerting Webmaster (post notifications to his thread) would you mind opening a new thread for further discussion if needed. Link back here for reference if needed. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • atouchofsummer

    Yes, in order to use WooCommerce with Genesis, you absolutely need that plugin, it can't work without it.

    There's also a "connect" plugin for BuddyPress and for Pippin's Easy Digital Downloads.

    There are a lot of helper plugins out there for different frameworks, not just Genesis, but Thesis and Woo as well. It's not as uncommon as you think, especially when considering these are just standalone themes, but frameworks.

    Will start another thread for the Product filters thing :slight_smile:

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