Is there a WPMU equivalent of this Drupal video module? (uploads to youtube)

I had to finish developing a site a while back for a client on Drupal and i HATED it :slight_smile:

But, one great module that I had available was 'video upload'

The Video Upload module provides a CCK field type that allows for the end user to upload video directly to YouTube, using a single account for the site.

The video never hits the Drupal host (for the 5.x version only—see the 6.x version below for details on the difference between browser and direct upload methods), saving on storage and bandwidth bottlenecks. Furthermore, the end-user doesn't need a YouTube account, since all video is stored under the site's account. Video can be organized on YouTube with customized developer tags, currently with limited token support.

Is there anything out there for Wordpress or MU that would do something like this? It's such a huge plus to put the transcoding load on youtube rather than your own server. :slight_smile: