Is there any 3rd party affiliate plugin that works with

Is there any 3rd party affiliate plugin that works with marketpress?

wp affiliate is missing tons of features.

  • aecnu

    Greetings megbenedicte,

    Thank you for the great question and feedback.

    Indeed the Affiliate plugin is a relatively young plugin and its integration within Market Press is even younger.

    And I do not know of any other plugin that will work for this purpose though I do know of software that works with almost anything which is Ultimate Affiliate by Ground Break software.

    You never did mention what features you were looking for?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • megbenedicte

    It is not user friendly and it is missing a lot of features.

    The following are the features that missing according to me.

    1. Individual commission level for an affiliate
    2. Auto responder integration
    3. Improve the affiliate dashboard. It is not the best.
    4. Targeted tracking for creatives so that the seller and the affiliate can come to know which creative is performing and according promote the creative.
    5. It should have a custom affiliate registration form rather that using wordpress.
    6. I would like to see a custom affiliate dashboard where affiliates can access creatives, stats, see commission etc.

    These are the features that I want the plugin to have.