is there any way of the user keeping track of shops with items in the cart

If a user buys from 3 different shops. Is there a way for them to know which shops they have open carts in?
Is there a way of listing the shops somewhere so they can go back and checkout.

I am worried that someone shopping might add an item from a shop...browse around lots of other shops and then have difficulty finding the original shop again. Especially if there are hundreds of shops.

If its not possible within marketpress, is there a plugin or widget that exists that allows visitors to add favourite sites(stores) to a list somewhere.

Then they can go back to the list and do the checking out.

In etsy you have to check out from each store individually as well, but at least there is a list of open shopping carts.

Anyway its a feature request :slight_smile:

  • cstevenson
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    OK I just spotted the other old thread about global carts.

    So I guess the energy is going towards chained payments for global carts.
    But. If that doesn't work out I guess a good compromise is the etsy version where store carts are grouped visually in one place but not combined as you have them now in a global cart.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    I guess the shopper could always click on the item in their cart, which would take them back to that particular store...

    But yes, even something as simple as a "from X store" in the shopping cart would be useful.

    I'll pass the suggestion on anyway for the developer to see.


  • cstevenson
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    But if the global cart isn't set up. Then how will they find the cart if they've browsed to other stores.

    As a customer-
    When I buy from a second store the first cart isn't visible till I go back to the first store. I've set up 100 stores so its not easy for the customer to find a lost cart if they've shopped in several stores.

    To use chained payments I can't use the global cart..

  • JDJ
    • Flash Drive


    thank you for this post. i was wondering if you were able to set up a shopping cart like etsy (with the separate billing that is visible on one page) that works with paypal chained payments successfully?

    any help would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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