Is there any way to add nested services or service groups to better organize a large amount of servi

The site I am creating is for a spa, they happen to have close to a hundred services that they need to be available to their clients.

Each service is a different price/duration, all have different names and some require a special service provider to have them booked...

So one of the problems I have started to realize is that I have a HUGE list of services without a really good way to organize them. :disappointed:

For example:

Here is a list of all the Massages:
* Refresh Massage 25 min $75
* Customized European Massage 50 min $125, 80 min $175
* Aroma de la Tierra 25 min $75
* Aroma Touch 50 min $135
* Signature Marbella Stone Massage 50 min $165, 80 min $215
* Signature Marbella Bamboo Fussion 50 min $165, 80 min $215
* Pre-Natal Massage 50 min $125, 80 min $172
* Thai Treatments
* Stretching Movements 50 min $150
* Thai Combination 80 min $200
* Traditional Thai 100 min $240
* Tejido Massage 50 min $150
* Deep Tissue 80 min $200
* Sports Wellness Massage 50 min $135
* Couples Massage
* Side-by-Side Body Treatments in our Costa Verde y Jardin Couple’s Suite.

As you can see that is a long list of services. And thats only for ONE type of service. We also have facials, nails, body treatments, etc...

So would there be any way to add nested services or a service groups for large number of services?

This would help our site a ton!


  • pxwm

    Hi @hblamo

    We had a similar issue with our client being a beauty salon with 3 x Service providers and over a hundred treatments across approx 10 categories.

    We designed a separate page (book-service), as well as the Appointment page, that contained all the categories and individual treatments within each category.

    We then created some bespoke code to our functions.php so when you create a service through the A+ backend you can add a shortcode with the Service ID to the book-service page next to the relevant service so it automatically creates a Service Provider button for all the Service Providers you have assigned to the Service in the A+ backend.

    When the Service Provider button is clicked this navigates the user to the Appointments page and automatically select the relevant Service and Service Provider and displays the relevant schedule thus saving time and hopefully avoiding/minimising mistakes.

    Currently our client makes all the bookings on behalf of their clients but suggest the same concept would work if end clients were making the bookings.

    However it would be great to have the option directly in the A+ Settings to create a set of Service Categories and then create Services within each category.
    One of the benefits of this would be currently if you initially create a set of services in order of categories then they can be found in the dropdown in the order they were created. However if you then need to create a new service later on for one of the categories it is added to the very bottom of the list so they become out of synch.
    One way we overcame this to a certain extend was to add the name of the category to the front of the Service name so even though if you add an additional service later on by adding the category you can press the 1st character of the character on your keyboard and keep pressing it will step through and find the relevant service.

    e.g. Hair - Service1, Hair Service2, Nails - Service1, Nails - Service2 then you add an additional hair service Hair - Service 3

    Then Hair - Service 3 would be added to the bottom of the Service list.
    However pressing 'H' on the keyboard will highlight Hair - Service 1 and then pressing again it will step to Hair - Service 2 etc.
    This is a great help is you have a many Services and especially if more services are being added on a regular basis as they could be anywhere in the dropdown list.

    It would also be great if you could do a similar search in the dropdown as google search so as you type in the treatment name it would highlight relevant Services

    Hope that helps

  • hblamo

    @tom Thanks a ton! A Dev would be amazing!

    @pxwm Currently thats the method I have set up


    Massage - treatment 1
    Massage - treatment 2

    This works fine, its just my client (spa owner) is looking for a cleaner way to have it organized.

    Im thinking that maybe just have drop downs on each page.

    Massage has its services
    Nails has its services
    Facials has its services...


    Then maybe keep the appointment page that has ALL the services... This is just a kinda messy way to have it done. :disappointed:

  • pxwm

    Hi @hblamo

    You could do that by using certain 'hooks' and once selected you could auto populate these in the appointment page so it displays the relevant scheduler with the Service and Service Provider automatically selected.

    However I do agree it would be a great development if we could have an option to set up Categories for the Services and then assign Services to each category very similar to the way you can assign Services to a Service provider.

    It would not only make it much easier for the user to select a service but if you created more Services later on they could be assigned to the relevant category and they would then be visible at the bottom of the Category dropdown instead of just showing at the end of the Services dropdown, thus possibly out of synch with the other Services associated with a particular treatment Category.


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