Is there any way to make Forums plugin support Polish letters?

I'm trying to use Forums plugin with Polish website, but Polish letters appear as "?" when I type something in the forum.

  • Vaughan

    hi @filmreporter

    thanks for posting on the forum.

    I believe this could be related to the collation setting in your MySQL DB where they maybe set as Latin1, when they should ideally be set as utf8_general_ci.

    you will need to access your Database vie phpmyadmin which should be available in your hosting accounts CPanel.

    - Login to cPanel and click on the phpMyAdmin icon in the Databases box.

    - Select the database you wish to manage from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side listing.

    - Click on the Operations tab in the top menu of your phpMyAdmin
    - At the bottom of the page you will see the "collation" option. You can now select a collation from the drop down menu and click on the Go button.

    you may have to do this for existing columns in each table.

    there maybe a script you could use, will have a look around for you. But if you don't feel confident to try this yourself, feel free to ask & I'm sure we can accomodate you.

    the only issue, is that doing this will not fix content already in posted, it will only fix it for content you post after you have changed the collation. so you may need to edit those posts/pages and resave them.

    hope this is helpful to you, feel free to ask if you require further assistance.

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