Is there any way to show event information only to those who attended, as well as show a list of eve

I’d like to have video sessions in an event. The video stream would be on the event page which people would pay to attend. I’d like those that paid/attended to be able to view the event page after and download the recorded stream which I’ll provide at the end of the session.

I’d like only people who attended to be able to download the video, and I’d like to be able to give them a page showing them the events they attended.


  • atomicduo
    • Flash Drive


    Thanks for the input. After looking through the other plugins I actually think the PayPerView plugin is more what I’m looking for. I can put the livestream info there, then put the stream and the rest within the PPV shortcodes.

    I haven’t tested it out yet but i’m assuming the PPV plugin has a “My content” list or something similar to it. If not that would leave me with that problem, but I could maybe write a small plugin to bring up a list of the custom content type created for the videos and try to tie it in somehow.

    Or, I suppose another obvious choice is to combine the two, using events with the PPV plugin which might be able to manage everything if built on top of buddypress.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    Indeed, the PayPerView plugin does sound closer to what you need for the video functionality, alone or in a combination with Events+. As for the RSVP lists, there is one generated by the BuddyPress add-on, as Tom said. Would this work for your scenario?

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