IS there anybody who managed to set up a MultiSite in WP 3.6?

Anybody who have succeded? I have installed plenty of Multisites. Maybe I failed with plugins and extras but never EVER have I experienced it a mission impossible even to install the MS.

When using subdomains my WP says “cannot do cause your wild card DNS settings are not correct” after the 8!! try and deletion (and completely washed out the folders)I caved in and went for folders and that is all good until the crucial moment I’m supposed to log in to my multisite and it’s does not let me in. Getting freakin’ irritated after one day of this —- so does anybody here have a clue what’s cooking with the WP3.6 MS?

  • hannapanna
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I don’t mean to come out rude but I’m really frustrated and pissed of with WP right now.

    But if I didn’t follow the instruction how else would I do it? So the answer is yes of course I did.

    Like I said I’ve done this many many times before and had NO problems what so ever not with wild cards not with anything. And today it’s 100% not working!

  • hannapanna
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    300 trials later the 3.6 still does not respond to being installed.

    Using sub domains with a wildcard gives huge warnings of your wild card DNS being set up in an incorrect way but do finalize installation but won’t for sure show you sub domain sites ones installed!

    The trail path version lets you install but wont let you log in when you’re done. It does not say your name or password incorrect it just stands there refusing you to log in..

  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    In all honesty, it’s not really surprising that there might be issues with 3.6 at this stage. It’s a big release and there’s no way they can test all aspects in all circumstances, with all combinations of themes and plugins… it’s just not possible, so in certain combinations you are likely to hit roadblocks.

    No doubt we will soon see a 3.6.1 which will address some of the issues people are having. Until then it’s a case of either rolling back to 3.5 or sitting tight and waiting for the problems to be fixed.

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