Is there anyone with experience in using WPMU plugins to create not only a searchable membership (us

I'm still working on a site that in addition to the organization's information, tweet's, facebook feed, and posts, would also have a membership component. Persons would sign up and pay for one of several member roles, with two of those roles allowing the now-member to create a profile area with contact, business, and other custom fields - a custom post-type, you see. The member can modify their custom post anytime they'd like, keeping it 'fresh' if they will. No plans are currently in place for these members to post anywhere else in the site.

Afterward, regular users of the site should be able to search for members within a geographic relationship [(Address and City) OR (City) OR (Zip) - The state is assumed as part of membership]. While there are at least five membership types, only members of two types are allowed as a result to that search. Browsing of Members (containing their public information only) may also be allowed. Membership information intended for membership management should not be available publicly, but accessible as necessary for administrative purposes.