Modify the text on the join membership page

Hi guys, is there anyway I can modify the text on the join membership pages? I have built a PPV systems via Protected Content. My challenge is that Protected Content doesn't have GST capability. I have a work around on this by using Stripe with a add on.

However I need to just change the standard text in the plugin by adding (ex GST) to the word Total, and where is says "You will pay AUD 129.00 for access until 27/03/2015" (the "You will pay" and "for access until" is standard text and the amount and date are inserted based on the membership) I need to insert the words + GST to this so that it reads "You will pay AUD 129.00 + GST for access until 27/03/2015".

I know that GST capabilities are being worked on and when the update comes out, I will have to change this back, but at least it will get me through to then.

Hope this makes sense