Is there ever an order that certain plugins should

Is there ever an order that certain plugins should be installed because of their dependencies? For example, Marketplace and Membership…

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    In the case of MarketPress & Membership, no. Either one of them can be installed before the other.

    If any of our products are dependent on another of our products, and that other is not yet installed on your site, you’ll either get a prompt to install it, or you simply won’t be able to install the first one.

    However, that may not be the case with every product from every WordPress developer out there. For example, I’ve played around with many BuddyPress plugins that evidently require BP to function. But that evident requirement can be taken for granted by lazy developers who don’t bother to put a check in their code to check if BP is active on the site. Consequently, activating a dependent plugin without BP may throw errors, or crash the site.

    So, bottom line, if a plugin you’re considering is dependent on another, be sure that requirement is met by first installing the other. :slight_smile:

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