Is this concept even possible with WordPress?

I have such a broad concept and an idea that has been racking my mind for ages. If I don't implement it, I think my mind will go BONKERS.

So I need to figure out of WordPress is even the CMS for me. Hopefully someone can chime in and deliver a bit of insight (or shut me down and help me dissipate this idea and shatter my dreams).


WP Multisite that allows site admins to add content via forms to their site. Subscription based. Think some sort of website that allows automatic posts of recipes with forms that are organized by type of dish categories (not exactly what I had in mind, but works for this idea). Or a type of Wikisite that could implement the same idea. Has to be FrontEnd editted, has to be form based, with Advanced Editor available. Users added by site admins, not network admin. Users have access only to content and not submission forms.

Doesn't seem so farfetched after I wrote it, but is this the right CMS for me, or should I be looking elsewhere?