Is This Possible?

Ok, I’m sure the title of this post is a dumb question – but I’m unable to figure out how to do two things. I’m hoping someone can at least point the way to what I’m attempting to do.

1. I want to add a permalink to the avatar that points to the post it is next to in the recent posts feed.

2. I would like to add the author’s name somewhere – maybe with a link to their site/profile, but at least the name.

3. This is probably way too complicated to ask for here, but I would also like to allow the feed to populate hundreds of entries and paginate after every 10 posts or so.

I’m much closer to what I’ve been trying to do, but these three things are hanging me up. Everytime I try to add something I just break the entire plugin & that ain’t good ; )

Here’s what I have so far….

Having these extra abilities would really make this all rock. It might even be something worth adding to this plugin in the future too. It’s a lot like the BuddyPress feed this way.

If anyone can help me realize some of this it would really be appreciated.


~ Corey