is this possible ? add products to each day on a weekly agenda


i was wondering if your plugins could help me achieve the following request ...

i was asked about creating a site where people could order meals delivery -
a user could create a weekly agenda for receiving meals daily (delivered to his home).
the user could add one of the meals (from a list) - and set the specific day to receive it.
he should order meals for all days of the week (maybe without WE) - and he could order a different one for each day.
he should be able to change the order for the next days (until 1 day before delivery).
currently i want to set a payment for a whole week (maybe later on there will be other membership plans).

i am not sure how to approach this one. maybe you could suggest something?


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Itay,

    At the moment there is no plugin in our repository that would do exactly things you need. But we have Appointments+ plugin and the Membership 2 Pro. This approach I will propose will need some custom coding, but would give you base for your goal.
    Membership 2 Pro -> with weekly access to the booking calendar will handle weekly payments.
    Appointments+ set with big capacity (this need small script you will find in FAQ) and instead the services - meals. Upper limit to book "meal" set to short amount day - but this would also require some custom coding. I assume this would require changing the "meals" week after week.
    User in Appointments can cancel their appointments and make new ones, so they will able to change their "meals".
    I admit I never tested if this would work for that kind of purpose, but I think it's worth trying to check.

    Kind regards,

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